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I don’t have all the answers, but I know how to get them. I know that not everyone is like me nor have they had the same experiences, but I know I can learn from others and others can learn from me. Understanding that we are all different, we all have gifts, and that we all have different barriers to success allows us to seek solutions that will help everyone succeed. I want to help break down the barriers that keep kids from learning and from having the same opportunity to succeed than others. 

Show me your struggles and I will walk with you through them.

As a UCPS Board Member, my primary goal would be to provide the absolute best educational environment possible for the students and their families, teachers, and support staff where they are safe and healthy and where they feel secure. As a foundation and guide I will use Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Health and Safety

For teaching and learning to take place, the basic needs of students, teachers, and support staff must be met, starting with their physiological needs. For students this would be exploring and researching additional nutritional and wellness programs. Examples might be expanding school breakfast, building in time during the day for students to rest and reflect, and providing extra support for mental health. For teachers and support staff, this would be exploring and researching ways to reduce some administrative tasks and allow for more down-time during the school day for staff to rest and refresh. Examples would be guaranteeing duty free lunches for teachers, providing quiet spaces for meditation and reflection for all staff, and providing extra support for their mental health as well. Once physiological needs are met, I will work to establish policy that creates secure and safe learning environments. This would include researching and asking for expert and stakeholder input on security measures and policies while considering the physical and emotional impact on students and their families, teachers, and school staff, including staff like bus drivers, traffic guards, and custodians. Only after the basic needs, physiological and safety, are met can real, meaningful teaching and learning take place.


It is essential to provide learning environments that are inclusive and diverse. The world is filled with people from all walks of life and who have their own cultural and core values. Everyone sharing their unique experiences and beliefs and accepting the experiences and beliefs of others only strengthens our schools and community as a whole. For students, this would mean the exploration of character education programs and curriculums that seek to learn from the past without shaming or blaming people of the present and without hiding from the past. It also means providing environments where students can safely learn about other cultures and societies that differ from their own in order to build stronger friendships and relationships with people unlike themselves. For teachers, this would mean creating teaching environments that allow autonomy within the curriculum so that teachers can play to their strengths while giving children tools to think for themselves and to consider varying viewpoints. It also means recognizing teachers and school staff for their contributions to the students’ lives and academic success. When students can find value in and be tolerant of others, they will be able to become the best versions of themselves, and better prepared to achieve their full potential.

Academic Success

When the basic and psychological needs of students, teachers, and school staff are met, they all will work to create an educational environment that allows them to realize and achieve their full potential. Policies that create paths for academic success for every student is essential. This means providing a variety of learning paths that are focused on the strengths and aptitudes of each student and allowing the student to provide input. Programs like the arts and sports will be essential for student to achieve their full potential and should be considered just as important as “core subjects”. In order for teachers and support staff to achieve their full potential they need growth and development opportunities to hone their skills and craft. As the world changes and the educational needs evolve, teachers and support staff must be provided with the time, resources, and incentives to adapt their teaching and services to the current environment. Allowing for students, teachers, and school staff to reach their full potential will create an unrivaled educational environment that will change individual lives, communities, and the world as a whole.